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So, you’re looking for a company that offers more than just standard office cleaning services in Perth. Wanting a team that goes the extra mile, is meticulous about detail and is diligent, dependable, and trustworthy?We get it: there are literally dozens of folks offering commercial office cleaning services in Perth.  So, what sets one cleaning company apart from another? And what should you look for when it comes to choosing a team that you can count on to keep your workplace sparkling?Listen to the pros: a few subtle signs can speak volumes about a cleaning crew. And as one of the leading commercial office cleaning services in Perth, we believe that you should know what to look for when choosing a team to service your property – after all, you’re trusting them to look after your assets and leave your property looking it’s best!Imagine you’ve researched a few companies, and now you’re deciding which one to choose. Here are 8 things to look for when hiring an office cleaning company:
1. Referrals / Reviews
Time spent researching and looking at reviews is guaranteed to be well spent.  Find out as much as you can about each company:
      • How long have they been in business? 
      • Do they carry out all works themselves, or do they contract out some of the services?
      • What qualifications do their staff have?  Are they well trained?
      • What do others say – check online reviews, star ratings etc.
    Your cleaner should be upfront, open, and able to give you referrals to follow through.  Talk to others who have used them and get their feedback too.
    2. Price
    Unfortunately, low price and excellent workmanship don’t always go hand in hand, so don’t fall into the trap of simply opting for the cheapest price.Does the company have a clear pricing structure?  Are they honest and transparent about all costs involved in their services?Sometimes it’s worth spending the extra dollar to get top-notch services, and choosing a cleaner is one of those times.  After all, it’s about maintaining your assets and creating a positive first and lasting impression on your customers, so there’s lots to gain!Top Tip: Don’t view commercial cleaning as merely another unavoidable expense. Think of it as one of your main tickets to maintaining a healthy team of employees, keeping staff morale up and providing a pleasant and safe working environment!
    3. Flexibility
    To what extent is each company willing to work along with you to provide a customized cleaning schedule that suits your business needs?Are they flexible with the times they work, and are they prepared to work outside of regular business hours if needed to provide you with a service that suits your work agenda?
    4. Owner Operated
    why should office building cleaning services in Perth be owner-operated? Simply put, an owner’s reputation is crucial to their business success, ensuring proper monitoring and supervision at all levels of cleaning.”
    5. Payment Methods
    Does the company offer multiple payment options, and what are their account terms?
    6. Equipment and Services
    Does the company use the latest equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products?  Are the staff trained in sustainable and toxic-free cleaning practices so that your property is left 100% clean and safe?Do they offer a complete cleaning and re-stocking service – are they able to supply consumables for you? 
    7. Insurance & Licencing
    It’s super important that the cleaning company you choose has public liability insurance and worker’s compensation in place – don’t wing it with a cowboy cleaner that’s likely to disappear when something goes wrong!If accidental damage occurs to your property or if there’s an incident involving your staff, the cleaning company should have the necessary insurance to cover any claims.Hiring a company that is licenced is important too because it is another proof that the team is competent and authorized to conduct business in accordance with industry and state standards.
    8. Terms of Service
    What are the company’s terms and conditions?  What are their policies about cancelling or altering your cleaning service?  Make sure that you understand exactly what they’re offering, so that neither party is taken by surprise if you need to make changes to your cleaning schedule.
    Why Should I Choose Cleanbright?
    Are you in search of a cleaning company that goes above and beyond the call of duty? Welcome Cleanbright!When you want a team that you can rely on to leave your property spotlessly clean and sanitized, we’re your go-to: our employees dedicated, dependable and passionate about their job.  And we’re committed to providing excellence in cleaning, time after time. At Cleanbright, our team members are trained in the latest cleaning methods, including COVID-safe practices and infection control. This means that you can rest easy, knowing that your property is in good hands and your health and safety is our first priority. We’re an owner operated and run company that puts your interests first.  We offer customized services and we’re willing to work around you to provide you with a cleaning schedule that meets your needs without interfering with your business day.Want to know more about hiring a professional cleaner?  Email us here or phone us today on 1300 059 691 and let’s have a chat about your cleaning needs. Contact Us Now For Professional Office Cleaning!