Grounds & Yard Maintenance Services In Perth

“A garden is not an object but a process”

Ian Hamilton Finlay

How true that is! Cleanbright understand the everchanging nature of gardens and grounds and can put together a maintenance package and schedule to suit your needs.

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First Impressions Count!

Well cared for gardens and grounds, no matter their age or style, always add value to residential strata and commercial buildings and complexes. It improves the desirability of the site as a place to live and work and fosters a positive general first impression of the property and the owners.

Cleanbright offer Grounds Maintenance and Yard Cleaning services to help building owns keep on top of the ongoing and seasonal care that gardens and grounds need to look their best.

There are many activities that we undertake as part of the Ground & Yard Maintenance services we provide. Including, but not limited to the following snapshot of activities listed below:


The cleanbright strata cleaning difference


Trees & Shrub Care

We'll keep trees and shrubs trimmed and pruned seasonally but also to keep them from overhanging or have direct contact with buildings and other structures. We'll also keep hedges trimmed to your specification.



If the grounds maintenance hasn't been the best then cleanups are necessary. We'll pick up debris in the form of leaves, rocks, twigs and branches. This will make the yard neater and get it ready for a regular schedule of maintenance


External Walkways and Stairs

These are often overlooked and over time they build up a thick layer of dust, stains from spillages and other debris and litter. Regular sweeping/blowing and periodic pressure cleaning will maintain a clean, neat and cared for appearance.


Bin Area Management

We can provide a periodic bin cleaning service to sanitise bins to prevent the build up of odours and pests. We can also dispose of mattresses, large boxes and stolen property and other items that can often be dumped there.


Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are serious about excellence in everything we do and part of that is exceeding your expectations. That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy with any of our work, then simply advise us within 24 hours and we’ll promptly fix the problem. 

Our Grounds and Yard Maintenance Service Provision

We offer a comprehensive the complete range of services to keep your gardens, carparks and hardscaped areas looking their best year round. Our services include but are not limited to:

How to hire CLEANBRIGHT to care for your Gardens & grounds

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Frequently asked questions

  • Tree lopping above a height of 3.5 m and/or where the diameter of the trunk exceeds 20cm.
  • Tree lopping close to power lines.
  • Pruning/Lopping in violation of local council or government regulations.
  • Excavation/digging below a depth of 400mm without appropriate documentation.
  • Any activity that will negatively impact on the health and safety of out team or potentially cause damage to the clients property.
  • Removal of excessive pet waste. 

No! We will bring everything we need including soil/mulch/manure (if requested prior when quoting – additional costs applicable and included in quote).

Yes! There is a minimum of 2 hours and 2 gardeners required for each session which will be highlighted in the quote. 

We offer 4 grounds/yard maintenance packages:

  • Standard – equivalent to our minimum call out of 2hrs x 2 gardeners. This is suitable for small – medium gardens and yards.
  • Premium – equivalent to 3 – 4hrs x 2 gardeners. Suitable for maintaining large gardens & grounds. 
  • Rehab – this constitutes a major cleanup to get the grounds up to a maintainable standard. Allow 5-8 hours x 2 gardeners depending on the area and condition. 
  • Bespoke – this is a completely customised maintenance plan and schedule for extensive and/or unique sites. 

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