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Well cared for gardens and grounds, no matter their age or style, always add value to residential strata and commercial buildings and complexes. It improves the desirability of the site as a place to live and work and fosters a positive general first impression of the property and the owners.

Cleanbright offer Grounds Maintenance and Yard Cleaning services to help building owns keep on top of the ongoing and seasonal care that gardens and grounds need to look their best.

There are many activities that we undertake as part of the Ground & Yard Maintenance services we provide. Including, but not limited to the following snapshot of activities listed below:

Our Grounds And Yard Maintenance Service Provision

We offer a comprehensive the complete range of services to keep your gardens, carparks and hardscaped areas looking their best year round. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Mechanically Blow Or Sweep Carpark, Paths And Courtyards

  • Remove Cobwebs From Carports, Light Fittings, External Louvres And Windows

  • Regularly Remove Dead/Dying Branches, Limbs And Fronds

  • Regularly Remove/Clean Up Seed Pods & Berries From Fruiting Trees

  • Ensure Lighting And Signage Are Visible And Not Obscured By Any Vegetation

  • Prune Shrubs And Hedges To A Height Specified and/or Consistent With Surroundings

  • Prepare Any Plantings Beds For Annuals/Perennials

  • Pressure Wash Hardscaping

  • Sweep Down Elevated Walkways And Stairs

  • Bin Area Management And Bin Cleaning

  • Pool And BBQ Area Management

  • Collect And Remove From Site All Leaf Matter, Rubbish And Debris

  • Trim All Trees, Shrubs And Hedges To A Neat And Tidy Standard

  • Pruning Trees (Not Lopping) To Maintain A Desirable Form And Prevent Obstructions

  • Remove Dead Plants, Annuals And Perennials From Garden Beds

  • Remove All Weeds From Garden Beds Including Roots

  • Fertilise Lawn And Garden Beds

  • Apply Pre & Post-Emergent Herbicides Where And If Necessary

  • Plant Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals

  • Aerate Bare Patches Of Lawn

  • Check Sprinklers And Reticulation Watering Times

  • Clean External Light Fittings, Letterboxes, Balustrades, Signage and Window Sills

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