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CLEANBRIGHT commercial cleaning has a professional pool of cleaning staff who have many years of experience in a broad range of cleaning environments including green cleaning service. No matter the type of building our staff have the know-how to tackle a range of cleaning problems and provide efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions to the highest standards you would expect.

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Professional Retail and Shopping Centre Cleaning

First impressions really count! A recent survey found that 95% of consumers consider a store's exterior appearance an important factor when deciding upon a place to shop.

At CLEANBRIGHT, our retail cleaning services will ensure your business is always presented to the highest possible standard to give you that competitive advantage. The retail customer experience is an important factor in determining whether or not the customers will return to your business or the shopping centre.

It doesn't matter what type of store it is. If it's desperately in need of a clean then CLEANBRIGHT is the right cleaning company for you.

CLEANBRIGHT cleaning staff will apply their meticulous attention to detail and professionalism to give your shop front, retail store or shopping centre an amazing clean every time. We will take the time to listen your individual needs and formulate a cleaning schedule that is thorough and detailed and blends seamlessly with your trading hours to minimise inconvenience to customers, visitors and staff.


Cleaning Government Buildings

Cleanbright Cleaning can provide exceptional government buildings cleaning service in Perth. We understand that having a tidy and hygienic government building is vital in maintaining a positive and productive working environment but also to reinforce the civic importance of the building.

Our cleaners have many years of experience in keeping government offices and buildings in Perth sanitised, well-maintained and fresh on a daily basis. We understand that government buildings often have high volumes of visitors daily undertaking important business activities that should not be disrupted during business hours. That is why our professional cleaning staff are flexible to work around your schedule to avoid any inconvenience with your employees or visitors. We also respect your employee’s privacy and the confidentiality of their work with our strict hiring policies and thorough background checks of staff. You can expect Cleanbright cleaning to deliver a high level of discrete service that will leave the building clean and pristine.


Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are serious about excellence in everything we do and part of that is exceeding your expectations. That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy with any of our work, then simply advise us within 24 hours and we’ll promptly fix the problem. 

Legal & Accounting Office Cleaning Services

First impressions really count when new clients enter your office particularly when you want to reinforce your reputation for professionalism and reliability . Nothing deflates confidence like seeing a messy office with stacks of paper everywhere and lots of clutter. Presentation is crucial!

When Cleanbright clean your legal or accounting office, clients will enter a noticeably refreshed and clean office. The attention to detail will give them peace of mind knowing they’re in safe and capable hands and dealing with the best in the business. That's why Cleanbright are the commercial cleaning experts for lawyer and accountant offices.

We’ll help your build that trusted relationship with your clients through a thoroughly cleaned and maintained office. We can transform your cluttered legal and accounting firm or provide the deep clean you need to make your office sparkle and feel thoroughly sanitised and refreshed. Our diligent cleaners have the experience and commitment to provide the highest level of cleaning competence and professionalism you will expect and enjoy.

You can be assured that we understand:


How important confidentiality and privacy are to your business. That is why we have strict hiring policy and undertake rigorous background checks to ensure that our workers are of good character.


That your staff often work long hours and need a quiet working environment in order to concentrate. Our cleaners are here to provide you with a 24 hour flexible cleaning schedule that is suitable for you.


Our Green Cleaning Credentials

We now constantly hear about the catastrophic effects global warming is having on our environment and the devastating changes that will occur as a result. There has been a call to action by many to enact reforms that will stop or slow these changes down. Besides the changes called for by protesters and world leaders many have taken it upon themselves to take a more proactive approach in their life and business activities by adopting ‘green’ and eco-friendly strategies and processes.

Cleanbright take this personal responsibility of preserving the planet seriously and have recalibrated our cleaning activities so that they are safe and eco-friendly whilst remaining effective. It is our goal to help other businesses to reduce their impact on the environment.

We now only use cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable and we always prioritise products that were produced organically or by sustainable production methods. We are also guided by the following 4 goals.


Reduce the water consumption of our cleaning activities.


Reduce the use or need for strong chemicals.


Avoid the use of chemicals containing phosphates and other dangerous elements.


Maintain our cleaning equipment to ensure a longer life cycle.

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