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Are you after a trustworthy and reliable retail cleaning service? CLEANBRIGHT are the cleaning professionals with the know how and commitment you need.

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Professional Retail and Shopping Centre Cleaning

First impressions really count! A recent survey found that 95% of consumers consider a store's exterior appearance an important factor when deciding upon a place to shop.

At CLEANBRIGHT, out shop front cleaning services will ensure your business is always presented to the highest possible standard to give you the competitive advantage. This also goes for the shopping centre also. The customer experience within the shopping centre is an important factor in determining whether or not the customers will return to the shopping centre or not.

supermarket, clothing store, Furniture, appliances or technology store??

It doesn't matter what type of store it is. If it's desperately in need of a clean then CLEANBRIGHT is the right cleaning company for you.

The CLEANBRIGHT cleaning staff will apply their meticulous attention to detail and professionalism to give your shop front, retail store or shopping centre an amazing clean every time. We will take the time to listen your individual needs and formulate a cleaning schedule that is thorough and detailed and blends seamlessly with your trading hours to minimise inconvenience to customers, visitors and staff.

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Why is CLEANBRIGHT The best cleaner for your office

You’ll want standout quality cleaning and a safe office working environment all at an affordable price. So how will CLEANBRIGHT be able to deliver all that?


Our commercial cleaning team members are passionate about cleaning properly and are totally reliable


At CLEANBRIGHT we're committed to excellence!


Our training, equipment, processes and products and represent industry best practice.


These additional and important reasons:


Our cleaning is backed by a 100% Guarantee


We use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that eliminate contaminants and allergens


Quick and efficient cleaning that saves you time and money because our cleaners know what they are doing.


Complete insurance coverage


Single point of contact for ease of communication and coordination


We employ cross contamination prevention processes

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Just some of our Retail and Shopping Centre Cleaning Services…



Require regular maintenance at the highest standard to deal with spots and spills. Retail stores require regular deep vacuuming to prevent soil and dust sinking deep into the carpet. This will revive the carpet in high traffic areas and greatly improve the look and life of the carpet.



Bins can get pretty disgusting quickly and foul the air!! No need to worry though as we will empty all of your bins and put fresh liners in so that you can start each day fresh. Also, we can take care of a more regular bin service for food courts and bathrooms.

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Vast floor areas exposed to high traffic acquire more dirt, wear and tear making them to prone to contamination by germs and microorganisms. Whatever the mess; footprints, dirt, liquid and food spillage; CLEANBRIGHT are capable of cleaning it up!

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Your signage always needs to be clear, clean and visible for your customers. While some cleaners may overlook signage, we make it a point to ensure all of your signs are clean and spotless at all times.

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It’s Easy! Follow the 3 simple steps below to have yoiur business premises cleaned to the highest possible standard. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. We understand the need to minimise disruption to you and your customers during shopping hours. Our professional cleaning teams are available to provide cleaning services early in the morning or at night to thoroughly clean and present your store for opening.

Yes. We are an environmentally conscious and sustainability focussed cleaning company and it is our goal to reduce our environmental impact whilst maintaining excellent cleaning results. We use a range of eco-friendly cleaning products to meet that goal.

Our professional cleaning staff are hand-picked for their conscientious attitude and diligent work ethic which ensures our cleaning services are of the highest standard. We also take the time to sit down with you and understand your business and develop a customised cleaning schedule that is tailored to you and your business. We’ll take into account your business specific requirements and cleaning frequency to ensure your shop front, retail store or shopping centre is maintained to the highest level and always presents well.

The cost of cleaning your shop front, retail store or shopping centre will depend on a variety of influencing factors such as: frequency; surface areas (m2), floor space size (m2); building materials and finishes, specialist cleaning requirements and any other services required.

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What we can do

CLEANBRIGHT services cover all aspects of commercial cleaning