Strata Cleaning Services In Perth

If you are looking for a premiere strata cleaning service, CLEANBRIGHT Commercial Cleaning provided efficient and thorough Body Corporate cleaning that will leave you apartment or office buildings communal areas spotless. 

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Professional Strata Cleaning in Perth

When it comes to strata property it’s not enough to keep just the building foyer and hallways spotless. A thorough clean requires attention to detail where nothing is overlooked. It’s the cumulative effect of all the little extras that we naturally cover that set our professional strata cleaning in Perth apart from the others.

Our experienced cleaners are diligent and pro-active in cleaning all internal and external common areas to deliver and noticeably better and brighter clean.


Premium Strata Cleaning Services

As part of a strata property maintenance schedule, regular cleaning is vital. This will keep the property in a premium condition which will not only keep residents happy but also ensure that the value of the owner’s investment is maintained. For a 5-star service that delivers a bright, fresh and inviting environment then CLEANBRIGHT is the experts to trust. There are many activities that our Strata Cleaning service in Perth undertakes, including, but not limited to the following snapshot of activities listed below:

Why pick cLEANBRIGHT for strata cleaning?

Efficient & Effective

Our professional cleaners take their work seriously and are diligent in delivering a superior strata cleaning service. Their many years of experience, means we have a cumulative knowledge base to tackle all aspects of strata cleaning in the most friendly, effective and efficient manner possible.

Advanced Equipment

We have the professional commercial cleaning tools required to clean and sanitise all surface types, especially delicate surfaces. We also know that to be thorough you need to be able to access all the hard-to-reach places where dust and grim can accumulate. We invest in the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

Healthier Environment

We use safe products and engage in the professional cleaning practices that render a healthier environment free from cross contamination. Again, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure the spaces we clean are free of germs, allergens, and dust for the promotion of healthy lives.

Improved Longevity

By engaging CLEANBRIGHT to undertake regular professional strata cleaning, you will help prevent the build-up of grime and mould which will ensure surfaces last longer and prevent corrective maintenance. Regular cleaning can significantly add to the life of your building.

Time Efficient

Time is money! CLEANBRIGHT professional cleaning will leave you free to undertake more important tasks. Our flexible cleaning schedule means you can go about your daily routine with minimal to no obstruction. Also, because we’re experienced and diligent, we clean quickly whilst maintaining our high standards.


Because our cleaning professionals are experienced and well resourced you can rely on them to get the job done as scheduled and without hiccups. We pride ourselves on our work management and friendly proactive communication.


Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are serious about excellence in everything we do and part of that is exceeding your expectations. That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy with any of our work, then simply advise us within 24 hours and we’ll promptly fix the problem. 

The cleanbright strata cleaning difference



Require regular maintenance at the highest standard to deal with spots and spills. This includes regular vacuuming to prevent soil and dust sinking deep into the carpet. This will greatly improve the look and life of the carpet.


High Traffic Areas...

These areas, such as foyers, hallways and lifts, acquire more dirt, wear and tear. We dedicate the necessary time to counter the visible effects of wear so they always look spotless and well maintained.



First impressions count! We always ensure that the building foyer is spotless and feels fresh so that residents and visitors are always left with a positive and lasting first impression on entering your building.



Often overlooked by cleaning companies but for many visitors it’s the first place they experience in a building. We clean the carpark of your building to ensure it always looks both tidy and inviting.

Our comprehensive strata cleaning services

We offer the complete range of strata cleaning and Body Corporate cleaning services in Perth to both residential and commercial strata buildings, complexes and warehouses. Our strata cleaning services include:

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Frequently asked questions

Our professional cleaning team is easily expanded to provide cleaning services for buildings of any size.

There are several important factors that include such as frequency, floor area (m2) and any extra services required that will determine the cost cleaning your strata building.

Yes! All our cleaning staff have been thoroughly checked and are covered by workers compensation insurance and public liability insurance.

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