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Many office managers think that as long as an office looks clean and smells clean then that’s all that’s required. However, is that all there is to maintaining a clean office or can more be achieved by upping the cleaning scope to a higher specification and scheduling regular deep cleans? In this article, we will explore the benefits to workplace productivity and staff morale in doing so.

After all, most employees spend long hours at work to the point it can become a second home. A diligent and professional office cleaner can clean and sanitise your workplace to achieve a level of comfort and safety that will impact the health and wellbeing of your staff and visitors.

More time for Income Producing Activities

Whilst minimising engagement of cleaners by tasking staff with cleaning their work zone or even the communal office facilities may seem like a cost-saving option…is it really? Most office workers love a sparkling clean office and whilst it may be their intent to achieve this that doesn’t necessarily translate into ability. The result can be very patchy across the office. For an evenly distributed cleaning, it’s best to engage cleaning professionals. This will free up your staff to concentrate on their core fields of expertise and which will no doubt allow greater focus on income-producing activities. This strategy will pay for itself through greater employee engagement and happier staff as they’re left to do the work they love.

Increase Productivity by Reducing the Spread of Illness

With the increased prevalence of ‘hot desking’, there are now even more hotspots besides the obvious communal office facilities and objects for the germs and virus to accumulate. A regular thorough cleaning schedule and routine can significantly reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses thereby reducing the risk of illnesses spreading throughout the office. Also, periodic ‘deep cleaning’ of office furniture, meeting rooms, kitchens, toilets, etc is essential to maintaining a hygienic and thoroughly sanitised working environment. The result will be healthier, happier employees and less disruption to the important work delivering your products and/or services due to reduced sick leave.

How can Cleanbright help?

Hiring professional, experienced and diligent office cleaners who instinctively go above and beyond to deliver a clean office will guarantee a healthy office environment that promotes productivity and wellbeing. By leaving your employees to focus on core business activities and engaging Cleanbright commercial office cleaners you will be able to achieve this goal.

Contact us now to schedule a free inspection with one of our professionals who will conduct an On-site Needs Assessment from which we will develop a cleaning regime and proposal for you.