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It’s about more than just looking great. Sure, your office block needs to be sparkling clean, but it’s about providing a healthy and hygienic space for everyone. Communal areas are the heart of all corporate buildings – kitchens, hallways, restrooms, lobbies, entries… these are zones we all use, and there’s no two ways about it: they must be cleaned by professionals who know their stuff.

As the old saying goes, ‘cleanliness brings happiness’.  And while that’s never been truer, it goes further than that.  Nowadays, just making your offices, residential or retail spaces look beautiful just won’t cut the mustard.  They must be thoroughly clean.

Clean shared spaces are essential for personal health and safety, as well as maximizing productivity, reducing staff down-time, and improving mood and morale.  And of course, there’s the aesthetics – the appearance of your entrance areas and hallways says a lot about you as a company, so it pays to make the right impression first time round.

When it comes to finding the best body corporate cleaning services in Perth, Cleanbright is your go-to.

So, what’s involved in professional cleaning for your communal spaces?  Let’s zoom in and take a closer look:

  1. Focus on High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas require special attention.  Entrances, hallways, staircases, lobbies… any area that cops a lot of use during the course of a day will need an extra level of cleaning.  If they’re not maintained properly, these communal areas can quickly become a highway for germs and contamination to spread throughout the whole property.

Carpets collect a lot of dust and grit from foot traffic, so they need regular attention.  Vacuuming is important to prevent the dirt from penetrating into the carpet, and spot cleaning removes any stubborn stains or marks.

Furniture needs to be cleaned and sanitised, which involves dusting, wiping, and disinfecting.

Window displays are generally located in high traffic areas and must be kept absolutely spotless – and it takes the eye of a professional cleaner to ensure that everything is sparkling!

Restroom facilities need regular maintenance to ensure that they are kept clean and hygienic.  This involves cleaning and sanitising toilets, vanities, floors, hand dryers and dispensers.  As well as attention to door handles and locks, mirrors, and all other surfaces.

Lifts and staircases are high traffic areas which can be easily overlooked.  But not with Cleanbright!  We ensure that lifts and staircases are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, which involves cleaning handrails and lift buttons, carpets, doors, and all hard surfaces.

Kitchens and lunchrooms must be kept fresh and hygienic at all times.  From washing up cups and cutlery to wiping down cupboards, scrubbing floors, and sanitising tables and chairs, it’s important that every inch of your kitchen facility is regularly maintained.

  1. Purchasing of Supplies and Consumables

Ensuring that the paper towel and soap dispensers are always topped up (and that there’s enough loo paper!) and purchasing all those cleaning products and supplies is a big job… and that’s just another way we take the load off our clients.

At Cleanbright we take responsibility for purchasing of supplies and consumables.

  1. Window Cleaning

Regular professional window cleaning is important for several reasons. It ensures that you can:

  • make the most of the views
  • maximize the natural light in the indoor spaces
  • improve the efficiency of the windows
  • prolong the lifespan of the glass

Clean windows look and feel great and removing salt overspray and other grot will prevent it from building up and etching into the glass.

  1. Deep Cleaning

‘Deep cleaning’ is the term we use for a comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces.  In other words, it’s when we come in and take the cleaning up a level – it’s a clean on steroids!

Deep cleaning involves removing moulds, allergens, dust particles and any other nasties that aren’t visible to the naked eye.  And it means thoroughly cleaning and sanitising surfaces and touchpoints throughout the whole area.

To avoid or minimize disruption to daily business activities, we generally undertake our deep cleaning after hours.

We recommend a deep clean for your communal spaces at least every 6 – 12 months.

  1. Waste Management

Emptying bins and managing waste isn’t everyone’s favorited job, but it’s all part of a day’s work for the team of cleaners at Cleanbright.  As one of Perth’s leading body corporate cleaning services we’re adept at managing the bins out, bins in routing as wells as ‘rotation’ and cleaning.

Flexibility – a team that works around YOU

At Cleanbright, our customers are our first priority, and that’s why we believe in providing a service that’s flexible enough to work around your requirements.  We’re happy to work with you to come up with a plan that minimizes disruption to commercial clients, whilst not disturbing residential ones.

Our team of vetted, professional cleaners are highly trained to provide exceptional service, time after time.

We care.  We listen.  And we take your concerns seriously.

Why Cleanbright?

We get it: choosing a suitable cleaning service in Perth for a body corporate isn’t always easy.  But when it comes to ensuring that your communal spaces are thoroughly cleaned, it pays to hire a professional team such as Cleanbright.

We’re proud to have been serving a wide range of customers since 2015.  Customer satisfaction is our focus, and we deliver outstanding results which speak for themselves.

Our team is experienced, professional, and trained in the latest toxic-free cleaning processes.  Integrity and honesty are two of our core principles.  And we take pride in our work and enjoy building positive, lasting relationships with our clients.

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